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Xativa, the city of a thousand fountains

This time round Mascarat opted for a full day of culture and gastronomy, and Xativa was the chosen destination.

An hour and a quarter to the north of Alicante, this small town, sometimes known as The City of 1000 Fountains, has a marvellous castle, walled enclosure and historic heritage. Our guide told us the secrets of the two Pope Borjas born here, Calixto III and Alejandro VI, as well as the popular distaste for King Felipe V (no, the current one is Felipe VI!), whose portrait hangs upsidedown in the Almoidi Museum. Can you guess why?

After wandering through the lovey historic old town, we headed towards the craft brewery “La Socarrada” which makes two fantastic beers. One, La Socarrada (a World Beer Award winner), with hints of honey and rosemary, and the other, El Boqueron, has a secret ingredient to remind you of the sea!

To recover our strength, in their gorgeous patio, the Tunel restaurant had prepared a fantastic oven-cooked paella for us. Absolutely delicious!


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