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Lili’s Cheeses

Come on, everyone loves cheese!

Last February our friends in Mascarat organised a gastro-outing to a small artisan dairy in Tibi, just half an hour from Alicante. This little place hides both a love story and the supplier of fine cheeses to the best restaurants in the province. Now we know where they come from! Lili’s goats!

During the visit, Lili, a Swiss woman married to Julian, the goatherd of Tibi, told us the story of the dairy from its beginnings and the secrets of cheesemaking. It looked so simple!

The workshop smelled of all kinds of aromatic herbs, and it was here where we tasted some truly fantastic goat cheese. A real experience!

By the way, if you want to collaborate, you can adopt one of Lili’s goats, like the cute little fellah in the picture below. Irresistable 😉


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