Spirit of Adventure


Speedboat Rental

Price: €220 / €290 / €850

Availability: On demand

Duration: Half day / Full day / 3 days




When you’re looking for a little more fun, adventure and independence – but need something bigger than a jet ski – this is the perfect option: a new, 6-metre Quicksilver with room for up to 7 people. Go beach-hopping in style, head out to Tabarca with your picnic or just take a look up and down the coast for a day or two, stopping when and where you choose.

Points to consider:

At least one person of the group renting the boat must have sailing experience and a vaild licence appropriate for this type of craft.

The boat is also available (mornings only) with a captain if no-one has an adequate licence for an additional charge of €60.

Have Fun – Sail Safe: look after yourselves and the people around you.




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