Sail Away


Sailing Yacht Excursions

Price: €500 / €800

Availability: On demand (4px minimum – 10px maximum)

Duration: Half day / Full day



To really appreciate everything that Alicante has to offer, you need to take to the sea. Swimming, snorkel, scuba and surfing are great fun, but a few hours spent sailing across the bay of Alicante, or maybe to Tabarca island, are a great way to disconnect from the heat and crowds and truly relax. This is a great alternative for families and larger groups who want to do something a little different. On our captain’s 42-foot sailboat, you’ll have the space and comfort you need, the chance to drop anchor and dive into cooler waters for a swim, drinks and snacks to keep you going for the day, and the absolutely best way to see all of Alicante – from the sea!

Points to consider:

The minimum and maximum capacities for this activity are not negotiable. The timing of the excursion is entirely at the discretion of the captain, adjusting to the prevailing weather conditions.


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